CPP is the "Algorithm" i developed to create shapes with only 1 co-ord given by the user.


  1. Fast Rendering
  2. Fast Coordinates Calculation
  3. Precise
  4. Only requests one input
  5. It Works!
  1. Not usable for Rotating
  2. At the moment only effective for cubes
O yeah! one more thing...What does CPP Stands for?
Central Point Processing

Let me explain: Your graph screen has a center point where both x and y equal zero. So if I ask the LENGTH of a line from the center point i can use that as a Y or X co-ord.
Just an Example:

Input "lenght",A

Hence we input 'Lenght' to be 3 then the code would be like this.


Now if you try this line on your calc you will see a vertical line if we can draw vertically then we can draw horizontaly and diagnaly aswell!

CPP was born.

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