Welcome to the Algosz development site, you might question yourself "what is Algosz?" Well here are the answers:

Algosz is a Program for the Texas Instruments 84(+) Graphing calculator written in pure BASIC language, that allows you to create 3d shapes on your calculator and do some in-calc mathematics on them. When finished it should be able to draw 3d shapes like cubes, pyramides and spheres.

The bad news is, it is still in construction and that i am still strugling with the renderer and in-calc mathematics/equation solver.

The good news is that you can join this project instanly and help me create perhapse the greatest program for graphing calculators ever made! (Yes you WILL get credit in the program).

Even better is that I plan it to be Open-source code so it can be upgraded/modded whenever someone wants to, to better fit their needs. This said, i hope you will join this exciting project and show the TRUE borders of the amazing BASIC language.

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